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Nervous City | Nervous Self


Songwriter David Josephson was born and raised in Stockholm, and started off his musical career by declaring: “I shall become Sweden´s Cohen or die!”. As Sweden never has been a country of big declarations, he was met with skepticism. A skepticism that eventually forced Josephson into German exile – in the city of Berlin where countless prophets and poets wander the streets, Josephson experienced a new sense of kinship. And it was there, during a visit at an art exhibition about German expressionism that the embryo of Nervous City | Nervous Self was created.


The debut songs of Nervous City | Nervous Self portrays a wandering singer´s delightful doom, and are the expressions of an artist staying committed to his path, and his search for “G-d knows what” – or Godot, as Samuel Beckett might have put it.

“The only thing I kept 

is a stranger´s heart. 

It´s shielding me

from those fiery darts, 

across the devil´s path 

and the grapes of wrath.”



Distribution \ Amuse





If the answer is the question

And the question is the goal

Who will come for rescue

When I know what I do not know?

I´ll stay here till I go

In this final one-man show

Stay here till I go

And I was born a long way

A long way from home

But I know I´ll get there

Somewhere along this road

I will reach my goal

And I´m further than you´ll know

Stay here till I go

There´s a place by your window 

Where I love to sit and wait

I could wait forever

And watch the sunrays fade

Gently into the gray

And you´re a million miles away



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